What is Thai Herbal Sauna?

The Greeks and Romans used steam saunas to heal. Native Americans embraced the medicine known as sweat lodges to bring them healing and mystical experiences. Thai Herbal Sauna is one of the naturalistic branches of Thai medicine. The benefits of herbs transformed into the steam have 6 principal rewards:

1.  Warming herbs used in your sauna enhance perspiration and cleanse the body.

2.  The therapeutic progress of steam begins by opening the pores which enable the tiny medicated droplets to absorb and make their way into the sen (channels).  This in turn clears the points and promotes the flow of lom (the dynamic wind we have in our bodies). The moisture (water) and heat (fire) of the sauna is especially effective for countering dry and cold health concerns.

3.  Inhaling the steam directly decongests and strengthens the breathing passages and lungs. 

4.  Herbs are used to reduce inflammation as well as soothe skin conditions and has antibacterial and cleansing properties.

5.  The quality of steam uplifts the spirit and promotes inner peace.

6.  The herbs used heal the body of not only physical ailments but also helps with anxiety and depression.

 Your Thai Herbal Sauna Experience does not involve exercise or movement in the steam. You simply sit or lie comfortably in a relaxed state on your towel-covered yoga mat breathing normally to enjoy the subtle fragrances of Thai Herbs mixed with the steam. During the session you will be treated to sounds or vibrations which help you enter deeper levels of awareness. Your session leader, Annette Webb, will guide you before and during the hour-long experience on the various ways to appreciate and enjoy this truly unique experience. Afterward, enjoy some complimentary refreshments and healthy snacks to complete your Thai Herbal Experience.

Each Thai Herbal Sauna session has been sold out and those who have experienced it have had this to say:

  • Perfect way to meditate or simply lose yourself in your thoughts!
  • The fragrant scent of the herbs and the unique sounds produced during the session made for a truly enjoyable experience.
  • I felt relaxed yet invigorated when it was over and slept like a baby that night!
  • I thought the heat might be too much for me but it wasn’t a problem at all. I can’t wait for the next one!
  • Annette explained how to get the most of the session and provided tasty and healthy refreshments during the short break and afterward.

Because of the positive feedback we've added more sessions for you to choose from. When they appear on the schedule, book early as they continue to sell out.