Spotlight on Tracy!

February 2019

Tracy grew up in Bridgewater, VA, a small rural community in the Shenandoah Valley near Harrisonburg. She is single and loves her fur babies; two rescue dogs, Piper, a brown/white wire terrier/chi mix, and Catie, a white bichon/chi mix. Tracy is supported and motivated by a strong tribe of friends and loved ones. A graduate of UVA, she had a few brushes with going into teaching but ended up in the financial services industry where she held numerous jobs during the last 26 years. Along the way, Tracy obtained her securities industry and investment advisory license and earned a Master of Arts in Teaching Special Education. She is also a foodie, loving the recent explosion of new restaurants and cuisine in Richmond as well as a music lover who professes to be a latecomer to the music festival scene.

 Tracy started doing gentle yoga about 5 years ago, mixing it in with other workouts once a week or so but then she went through a sedentary phase not exercising consistently at all. 2018 was  a watershed year for Tracy as she took advantage of an opportunity to take a sabbatical from her job of the last 16 years and used this time to “evaluate where I wanted to go, who I am and what I want for myself”.

 A dear friend of hers, LJ, who went through a similar journey became her inspiration and suggested she try AcquaPole Fitness Classes introduced at Retreats With Annette in June of 2018. Tracy attended as many classes as she could last summer and the energy benefits of regular exercise and loss of weight motivated her to go back to LJ and declare that she was “REALLY READY” to make some serious lifestyle changes and convinced her to try Hot Yoga!

 At first, Tracy was unsure having thought about Hot Yoga in the past but was intimidated by the thought of entering a room full of flexible yogis and wondering if she could even breathe properly to make it through a class. But she signed up for her first Hot 26x2 Power Hour class at Retreats With Annette in August of 2018.

 In Tracy’s own words: “I must’ve texted or said to Annette at least 3 times ‘I’m worried I won’t be able to breathe!!’ But she reassured me each time that I would most definitely be fine. The trick is to breathe through your nose…in through the nose, out through the nose”.

 Fast-forward to February 2019…Tracy has become a yogi and more athletic having lost 43 pounds, changed the shape of her body, experienced the Kauai Hot Yoga Retreat in January and is already looking forward to the 2020 Retreat! She just started a brand new job and has a list of specific and achievable goals for 2019 that include health & wellness goals, supporting organizations which matter to her as well as financial and company goals.

 Again in Tracy’s words: “Lookout 2019, there are more amazing opportunities and changes a comin’! Yoga and this wellness journey have truly strengthened my largest muscle – my brain! My mind and focus and resolution and perseverance and willpower are stronger and stronger each day along with my physical body.”

 Please join me in congratulating Tracy on what she’s accomplished in such a short time! If anyone is interested in taking that first Hot Yoga class or attending the Kauai Yoga Retreat next year, I am sure Tracy would enjoy sharing her insights with you. And, Tracy, I am hoping that my studio and your tribe at Retreats With Annette will continue to be a part of your wellness journey!