Spotlight on Jo Anne!

April 2019

This month we turn the client spotlight on Jo Anne Anstett who was introduced to Retreats With Annette in 2015 by her niece, Connie Alexander, who became aware of our studio through her friends at the Ashland Farmer’s Market. While Jo Anne was born and schooled in Richmond, she spent 50 years in the Virginia Beach area happily married, raising three children. She worked a variety of jobs out there, her last being with the Virginia Port Authority in Norfolk, the agency that oversees the operation of the Commonwealth’s shipping terminals.

Jo Anne returned to the Richmond area after connecting with and marrying a grade school
classmate when they both attended their 50th reunion! In Norfolk, she had taken Pilates classes and was anxious to find a new place to exercise. Jo Anne is a firm believer in the benefits of exercise to both mind and body and when she takes classes she feels like she is doing something for herself that she actually enjoys!

Jo Anne’s introduction to Retreats With Annette was back in the Summer of 2015 where she immersed herself in the wonderful salt-water pool classes! Jo Anne loved the pool classes because “we did an hour of exercise which included cardio, stretching, working our muscles and having fun at the same time.” When sadly the seasons changed and the pool had to be closed, Jo Anne was motivated to take her first yoga class in the studio that Fall. Since then she has been a regular at YogiBarre as she enjoys the variety of these classes, specifically the combination of yoga, Pilates, strengthening, and muscle toning. Jo Anne feels that YogiBarre has enabled her to improve muscle strength as well as mobility. Her stronger thigh muscles helped her bone on bone knees. She is convinced that her improved sense of balance has prevented what could have been very serious falls.
In her own words, “I recently had x-rays of my hips due to increasing arthritis pain. My doctor said to keep doing what I am doing…my exercising with Annette! There are some positions that my hips don’t allow me to do but Annette keeps a watchful eye on us and suggests other exercises for me….so helpful! And there is no embarrassment from my fellow members!!” Jo Anne has made many new friends through attending classes and looks forward to working out with them. She feels that a “wonderful camaraderie” exists at Retreats With Annette.
Jo Anne says, “It is a joy to come to class! Annette is always upbeat and willing to help us with our aches and pains. In addition to exercising, we gather after class for socializing and learning from Annette on healthy eating, tasting her herbal teas and enjoying the camaraderie. I celebrated my 80th birthday with Annette and the YogiBarre gang at Retreats With Annette! I am truly blessed to be part of Annette’s kindness and sharing her knowledge on healthy lifestyles.”
Well Jo Anne Anstett, you are positive proof that the benefits of exercise can be attained and enjoyed at any age. Your positive attitude and enthusiastic participation not only energizes me as a teacher and mentor, but also serves as inspiration to your fellow workout partners in class! We are all still trying to do our straight leg sit-ups as well as you do!

And take heart, the pool will be open again as soon as the weather permits!!!