Our latest client spotlight shines appropriately on birthday girl Barbara Whitecotton who just celebrated her 80th birthday in August 2019! Barbara and her husband Buddy heard about Retreats With Annette this past April from a friend who spoke highly of the studio and told them how close it was to their home. They were looking to exercise more to stay healthy and active, become more toned and improve balance and their overall well-being. Barbara and Buddy enjoy Yin Yoga classes inside the studio and are avid fans and regulars at our saltwater swimming pool fitness classes with AcquaPole and have attended the special Water Ballet Series this year. Barbara also says she “had a wonderful massage and will be scheduling another one soon!”

Barbara is from Richmond but moved to Middlesex County and then to West Point where she raised her two daughters with her first husband who passed away in 1982. A year after his death a mutual friend introduced her to Buddy and she and her new workout buddy (no pun intended) have just celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary last week! They now live in Montpelier in a house that Buddy largely built himself utilizing his construction skills acquired while serving in the Navy Seabees in Vietnam. Barbara retired from her job in the insurance industry to help her husband build their house but has been a volunteer at St. Mary’s Hospital for 27 years!

Barbara and Buddy love to travel, especially on ocean cruises and have been to many exotic destinations in Alaska and Hawaii, numerous countries in Europe, South and Central America, many Caribbean Islands and have taken lengthy road trips all over the continental USA. To celebrate her special birthday they are embarking on a Caribbean cruise later this month accompanied by her children, grandchildren and a great grandson for one grand celebration at sea!

After all these fun times, we hope to see Barbara back at the studio where she says “I have made great friends and Annette makes sure we get any help if needed and ensures that we don’t do anything that will hurt us. Annette is especially conscious of my hypermobility and modifies my particular stance when needed. I have learned so much from Annette!”

Well, Barbara and Buddy, enjoy your awesome trip and celebration with each other and your family and rest assured your friends at Retreats With Annette look forward to your return!