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Yoga Meditation Retreats:  Get in touch with your soul and tune up your spiritual fitness.  We specialize in boutique sized groups.

Health and Wellness Retreats:  Wellness is a state of balance between mind, body, and spirit.   When this is out of alignment, the body manifests this unbalance through disease and sickness.  Retreats With Annette can help rejuvenate your spirit and restore your energy flow through meditation and many different types of massage for the physical body or enjoy a private yoga class.

Spa Retreats:  Escape the daily stress and pace of life to a place where you can be totally nurtured and pampered with massage or yoga class.

Private Retreats:  Retreats With Annette offers private retreats that can be customized to fit your mind, body, and spirit as well as your personal schedule.  These are ideal for couples who want to share a private yoga class or just get away to relax with a massage.

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